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Joseph Bunkoczy was born in Hungary in 1949 and grew up in France, in Paris and Sens.  He moved to Canada in 1968, studied in different fields and graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration and Fine arts.  After having lived in Ottawa, he settled down in Montreal where he lives at present.  He spends his time between painting and writing.  His novel, The Tower (La tour), published in Quebec, was acclaimed by the literary world.  He published also in French : Soft Time (Temps mou), Dog City (Ville de chien) and News from the Universe (Des nouvelles de l'Univers).  His literary style is Fantasy and Science Fiction.


- The Tower (La tour, fantasy novel)

Soft Time  (Temps mou, fantasy novel) 

Dog City (Ville de chien, fantasy novel) 

- News from the Universe (Des nouvelles de l'Univers, fantasy  and  science fiction short stories)

- Krillion City
  (science fiction novel, in English)

- Aqua Sum (science fiction novel)

- A taste for immortality (science fiction novel)